Meet the Tutors

The co-ordinator and tutors at Clapham Pottery are mostly based at North Street Potters, a collective of professional potters set up in Clapham in 1978.

Naine Woodrow, the co-ordinator was trained in Japan in the 1970’s by a renowned ‘Sensei’ in the traditional Japanese pottery method, and is the founder member of North Street Potters.

Rosa Bortolozzo  has a degree in Ceramics from Camberwell School of Art, Camberwell and teaches in all our classes both adults and children.

Sarah Williams is a trained teacher and has been working with children and clay for over 30 years.

Katy Harris graduated in Contemporary Crafts from Falmouth College of Art and also teaches in all classes.

Jessica Dyer first came to Clapham Pottery as a student, she has since completed a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from the University of Brighton, where she studied for 4 months in Japan and has gone on to receive an MA in Critical Writing in Art and Design from the Royal College of Art.

Suleyman Saba studied ceramics at the Camberwell College of Arts and served an apprenticeship with Kevin Millward in Stoke-on-Trent. He exhibits widely.

Rachel Carpenter has been making pots for many years and underwent very successful apprenticeship training at North Street Potters and at Clapham Pottery. She now works extensively in all classes.

Lucy Swain came to pottery via her mother, an enthusiastic maker, is undergoing an apprenticeship at North Street Potters, has successfully completed assistant tutor training at Clapham Pottery and now works on several classes.

Amelia (Millie) Brokenbrow studied Fine Art at Kingston University, her practice being drawing and sculpture, she has worked in various potteries since graduating and is apprenticing at the North Street Potters. Last year she successfully completed training as an assistant tutor at Clapham Pottery.

Verity Blakeman has a degree in Ceramics from Edinburgh College of Art and she is also a qualified Art Therapist. Verity facilitates an art therapy group at Clapham Pottery as well as assisting with adult and children’s classes.

Adrian Gonzalez has been making pots since he was 10. He trained at Sutton College of Liberal Arts and North Street Potters. He runs advanced and beginners throwing classes for adults.