Meet the Tutors

The co-ordinator and tutors at Clapham Pottery are mostly based at North Street Potters, a collective of professional potters set up in Clapham in 1978.

Naine Woodrow, the co-ordinator was trained in Japan in the 1970’s by a renowned ‘Sensei’ in the traditional Japanese pottery method, and is the founder member of North Street Potters.

Jo Whiteley, Rosa Bortolozzo and Nic Payne run the adult classes. They all have degrees in ceramics from Bristol, Camberwell and Wolverhampton respectively.

Sarah Williams is a trained teacher and has been working with children and clay for over 20 years.

Alice Maplesden, Katy Harris and Liz Vidal mostly work in the children’s classes but also some adult groups. Alice and Katy both graduated in Contemporary Crafts from Falmouth College of Art .

Liz has a degree in 3D design from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Katie Spragg who is now going on to study ceramics at the Royal College of Art gained her first degree at Brighton in wood, metals and ceramics.

Fiona Underhill underwent very successful apprenticeship training at North Street Potters and at Clapham Pottery and now works extensively in all classes.

Lucy Cobb, now just completing her apprenticeship at North Street Potters has a degree in sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art having first gone to Wimbledon College of Art.

Jessica Dyer, originally came to us as a student and is now at Brighton studying art. She is currently on an exchange in Japan.

Suleyman Saba is joining us in the autumn.